Leaders in Broadcasting Picks a leader in Media Strategy and Buying

ABC 6 (WSYX-TV), Fox 28 (WTTE-TV) & The CW 53 (WWHO-TV) are leaders in their field. So, when it came to picking a media agency as their partner, they chose another leader, Castlebrook Media. They wanted a partner that was more about quality of output than quantity of people, about depth of understanding than templated presentations. They wanted a partner that understands their culture, needs and standards.

With Keith Daily as their lead contact, they found what they were looking for. The founder and CEO of Castlebrook Media, Keith is a former ABC 6 (WSYX-TV), Fox 28 (WTTE-TV) and The CW 53 (WWHO-TV) Manager. He is someone who understands ABC 6 (WSYX-TV), Fox 28 (WTTE-TV) & The CW 53 (WWHO-TV) Media because he was once part of their family. And now is again.